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Collective procurement via the University Procurement Hub

By Robert Gregory, Georgia Hunt

• 30 August 2023 • 1 min read
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In 2015, the Australian Universities Financial Officers Group (AUSFOG) sought to establish a Procurement Hub with 18 participating universities and participating entities. The purpose of the hub was to enable collective or joint procurement activities, across the universities. The hub has been operating since then and Maddocks has continued to advise on various procurements.

Initially, Maddocks advised on the establishment of the University Procurement Hub (UPH) with the participating universities. As well as advice on the legal structure and contractual matters relating to the proposed hub, we prepared the governing documentation between the participating universities and coordinated the execution of these documents to establish the Hub.

In addition we worked with the universities closely in relation to the procurement process to appoint the Hub coordinator. We advised on the proposed contract provided by the successful bidder of Hub coordinator services, Accenture, negotiating and drafting clauses to reflect negotiated outcomes.

An important part of the project included advising on competition issues relating to the application of competition law to collective procurement activities. We prepared competition guidelines, briefed the ACCC and prepared an online training module for the participating universities and the Hub operator Accenture.

Since its establishment, Maddocks has continued to advise on the Hub on a broad range of tenders and procurement activities, including on the joint procurement of items as diverse as airline services and laboratory equipment. This advice has included consideration of competition issues related to joint procurements, advising on the terms and conditions of engagement of numerous suppliers of a wide variety of goods and services, and in relation to the ongoing contractual relationship between the participating universities and Accenture.

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