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Lifting the Bar: Disputes and inquiries

• 23 July 2020 • 1 min read
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As legal practitioners we are all responsible for doing what we can to promote and achieve equitable practices. The lack of knowledge of, or connection with, female junior counsel is a barrier to equitable briefing practices. One of the areas that requires greater commitment from all firms and our clients is the advancement and retention of female counsel.

The Lifting the Bar series provides a platform where we can get to know leading female barristers across different areas of practice, with a particular focus on the NSW Government sector.

In our first edition we have focused on the area of disputes and inquiries. Eleven leading female junior counsel have been profiled and it’s truly amazing to read about their experiences and stories during their time at the bar. We have learned so much from their generous contributions.

Use this publication when it is time to prepare a shortlist of barristers in the area of disputes and inquiries for a matter, or when you are providing instructions on who to brief. You will be able to consider and include at least one of these featured barristers – so keep this handy!

We hope you enjoy this edition of Lifting the Bar.

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